Our business

We will transform the 14 billion of light spots in the world into an Internet Access point

Our mission

We enable connectivity for IoTs and people beyond 5G

We are and will continue to be, key players in the next technological revolution when it comes to communication networks.

Our mission is to connect objects and people by transforming the 14 billion light points on the planet into a powerful and secure communication network.

Our vision

A global champion of the Internet of everything

  • By creating a world-leading LiFi technology patent and product portfolio
  • By bringing LiFi solutions to the market in targeted segments

We design and deliver firmwares, modems, chipsets, API/SDKs to enable LiFi connectivity for end customers.

Helping lighting and software companies create true value

Thanks to LiFi technology, lighting engineers like Philips, Thorn and Osram are able to create value by introducing brand new functionalities. Oledcomm acts as the modem provider, transforming LED light points into a LiFi terminal.

LiFi technology also enables software developers to add accurate geolocation capabilities, indoor and outdoor, and transmit geo-contextualised alerts and notifications. Oledcomm acts as the supplier of the required software-development tools to these developers.



So far we’ve achieved multiple successful pilots, including five supermarkets, three cities, four museums, two office spaces, a hospital, and the metro station beneath Paris’ La Défense business district. And we’re just getting warmed up!

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We’ve developed firmware of the LiFi protocol, as well as electronic components incorporating these firmware and application-development tools (API+SDK) for Android, iOS, Windows and HTML environments.

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