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Wireless, radiowave-free internet at the speed of light
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Your digital detox solution

MyLiFi®, designed by Pierre Garner*, offers to your home an advanced LED technology and a secure alternative connection: faster, secured and radiowaves free. With MyLiFi®, set up the rules and teach your children a healthy relation to the Internet. It is good sometimes to switch off and enjoy some time together away from any distraction.

Thanks to the silver button and our web panel control, simply customize the connection planning. Manage your connection hours for one or a group of lamps.

Connection works even if the lamp is switched off!

Your Light Therapist

MyLiFi® is also providing all LED capacities such as Light Therapy:

– Wake up with the sun light: a simulated sunrise will begging at the hour you choose, transitioning from a dim glow to 200 lux at full brightness (think gentle bedside lamp).

– Fall asleep at sunset: relax and drift off to sleep with dimming sunset


Application featured

Create your lighting ambiance

MyLiFi® is a high quality LED lighting, with dimming and modification of temperature color (from warm to neutral to cold atmosphere).

Access, through MyLiFi® APP, secured by a personal password, to all of your MyLiFi® feature.

Manage your group of light, users and digital detox moments in a few clicks.

The app allows you to control all the lights in a room or area at once, instantly.

The routines feature allows you to set light and LiFi schedules to support your daily activities, from the moment you wake up until you go to bed at night.

Installation Diagram

Plug & Play ready to play in less than five minutes


Thanks to this dongle available on all MyLiFi® products, connect any device through a USB socket!

Transforming the light into data.

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Press they are talking about MyLiFi

More than 400 articles, 12 TVs, radios and blogs!

Articles about MyLiFi

A technological design challenge

The MyLiFi® lamp is a sleek, modern desk lamp. It was designed to be flexible: the light beam can be pointed in any direction according to the user’s needs. The color temperature (from cold white to warm orange) and the brightness of the light can be adjusted, making it easy to create the lighting atmosphere of your choice.
Its innovative and progressive signature design captures the very essence of LiFi. MyLiFi® is also a statement of design that fits in perfectly with any high-end media unit.
The red cable symbolizes data transmission through ethernet ports and then through LED bulbs and the device.
The USB key provides an on-the-go connection for any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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MyLiFi was created and manufactured in France.
Creator: Oledcomm
Design: EliumStudio