LiFi in the Hospital

Enjoy radiowave-free Internet access

The Benefits of LiFi in the Hospital

The LiFi connected hospital allows caregivers and patients to roam throughout the hospital while providing accurate and timely monitoring.

Patient safety and data accuracy will all be fueled by LiFi wireless technology

Deliver perfectly safe Internet straight to your patients’ beds without RF waves, allowing them to pass the time during their stay by connecting to news, emails, video games or social networks.

Save time by finding medical equipments faster

Time is money. Thanks to your LiFi lighting system, you can track and relocate the positions of key medical devices, especially those regularly shared between several departments.

Our latest references

Have a glance at this project that could be yours

Childrenhospital area

In Perpignan Hospital, the corridors from pediatrics area were covered by LiFiNET LED downlight. In a 2nd phase, bed rooms are to be connected with LiFi Lamp for Hospital with Biolume and LiD.

Patientsand care givers

The care giver can access to the patient profile. Patient and accompanying persons can access to the Internet.


The overall radio emission level droped from 6mV/m to 0.3mV/m