LiFi in your Museum & Exhibition Center

Indoor Navigation and Radiowave Free Connectivity

Simplify visits and provide useful information

Accurate indoor navigation and free interference wireless connectivity are the benefits of LiFi for Museums and Exhibition Centers

Provide an enlightening experience to your visitors

LiFi beacons will help visitors to feel more at home and less likely to get exhausted.

Museum guests can be guided to the artworks they want to visit, or along a thematic itinerary. They no longer need to look for information about the artworks. By simply standing under the right lamp, the LiFi system sends the appropriate description to them. Thanks to our LiFi-ready tablets, they can access to multimedia contents.

Ensure proper internet coverage on your booth

Bring brighter connectivity for the booths with our LiFi technology.

In Exhibition centers, WiFi systems are generally congested due to interferences. With our LiFi connectivity modules, your visitors will experience a good quality connectivity without interference. Furthermore, visitors are guided to the booths they want to visit. In the meantime, exhibitors can attract nearby visitors to their booths.

Our latest references

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Visit the museum of Le Grand Curtius in Liège city and ask for LiFi navigation

LiFi LED track lights

Let the light guide you to any piece of art or museum’s facility

LiFi Tablet Application

Get extra information about the piece of art you are watching