LiFiMAXTab - the LiFi tablet by Oledcomm

During the 2022 CES, Oledcomm, a French company specialising in LiFi, had the honor of presenting its latest creation: the LiFiMAXTab, the tablet with integrated LiFi.

It is under the sun of Las Vegas, during the CES 2022, that Oledcomm, a French company specialized in LiFi, had the honor to present its latest creation: LiFiMAXTab, the tablet with integrated LiFi. Powered by Android and equipped with a LiFi module, this tablet intends to bring a powerful and accessible solution to individuals and companies who wish to benefit from a new form of connectivity combining performance and security.

One more step towards the democratization of LiFi

LiFi, an Internet connection technology using invisible light, has already been put to the test in many contexts and sectors such as transportation, education or aeronautics. Until now, private use of LiFi has been anecdotal, or at least individual. And for good reason, LiFi products for this purpose were rare, and still are.

The arrival of a LiFi-enabled tablet marks a milestone in the history of wireless communication. Suitable for home use and ideal for telecommuting, the LiFi tablet can also be used in classroomsoffices and seminar rooms. This ease of use and versatility makes it a perfect vehicle for spreading LiFi on a large scale.

A high performance LiFi tablet

The LiFiMAXTab tablet runs on Android, with a MediaTek MTK6762 processor, which is an 8-core processor clocked at 2 GHz, and has a battery life of nearly 7 hours thanks to a 6000 mAh battery.

In terms of RAM and storage capacity, the device is on par with traditional tablets as it contains 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

In terms of connectivity, again, it's all there: a USB-C port, two SIM slots, a 3.5mm jack, as well as a micro SD card reader.

Its 10.1-inch screen (1920 x 1201 px) will allow you to clearly visualize the images captured by the two cameras, front and rear, of 2 and 5 Mpx respectively.

With impressive technical specifications, this tablet has nothing to envy to other leading tablets in the market. Oledcomm's latest tablet boasts a built-in LiFi module, which gives it an upload and download speed of 150 Mbps. This connectivity is more than enough to allow users to engage in all the most data-intensive Internet activities: HD video streaming, video games, video conferencing, online courses...

The LiFi tablet, emblem of 2.0 connectivity

Making LiFi accessible to the greatest number of people, in the age of increasing digitalization of our lifestyles, means offering safer, more stable, healthier and ultra-fast data transmission to all people and structures that need it. Ultra-secure, radio frequency-free, latency-free and as fast as WiFi or 5G, the LiFiMAXTab tablet promises to give wings to the Internet connection technology of the future.

For more information on this technology and on the various LiFi products offered by Oledcomm, contact us.

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