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LiFiMAX1G® provides a fast connection speed nearing the Gigabits per second, therefore enabeling you to control your machins more efficiently.


With LiFiMAX1G®, you do not need to sacrifice your mobility for security anymore. LiFi is based on the transmission of invisible light. As light cannot go through walls, your network cannot be accessed from outside the room, providing you a highly secured connection.


LiFiMAX1G® can support up to 16 connected devices simultaneously and provide each one of them with a fast and reliable connection.


LiFiMAX1G® is based on high lifetime invisible light LED to operate whatever the light level in the room. It also does not use radiowaves making it an ideal solution for waves isolated environments.

Ease of Use

LiFiMAX1G® can be integrated in most industrial systems. You can contact our teams so they can provide you a solution adapted to your needs