One of the first museum equipped with our GEOLiFi technology

The « Musée de la carte à jouer » based in France close to Paris, will inaugurate its temporary exhibition about AUGUSTE RODIN and his molder PAUL CRUET this Wednesday night!

For this specific exhibition some of our liFi spots were installed on the top of iconic sculptures, each one transmitting one unique id.

The Visitors by using the LiFi tablets will be able to receive and watch a video documenting the artwork they are looking at during their visit.

One app specially configured for the museum has been developed and installed into the tablet making it a really easy solution to be used for the visitors and the Museum when updating the content.

This solution, called GEOLiFi have been designed especially for this kind of application.

It allowed you to share any kind of data: text, text to speech, videos, pictures … anything that can enhance visitors’ experience!

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