The first worldwide hospital with LiFi spots in Perpignan

Back in 2014 we have equipped the first worldwide hospital with LiFi lights in Perpignan, south of France.

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The idea was to bring connectivity to the doctors and caregivers where WiFi was prohibited, in order for them to be able to download the patient medical file before accessing to the patient’ room.Since the publication of the French law ABEILLE, WiFi is totally prohibited in hospital. The LiFi is the perfect solution to bring connectivity to the hospitals and medical environments, as the technology is using light in order to transmit data and no radiowaves!

With LID and BIOLUM, OLEDCOM’s lighting and medical equipment partners, OLEDCOMM have co-designed a lamp called; LiFiCARE® that can be placed on the hospital bed head.

Using our LiFiNET Technology, the lamp LiFiCARE® is offering a fast, stable and secure connection, without radio waves.

Additionally, our GEOLiFi technology allows hospitals to localised all the medical devices, in real time.

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