Wireless, radiowave-free internet is now integrated in hospitals

LiFiCare, the LiFi lamp that provides wireless, radiowave-free internet connection, will equip a first hospital and will be on display at the Arab Health Exhibition and Congress from January 29th to February 1st.

LiFi is ramping up. After a dazzling success at CES in Las Vegas where the technology was first unveiled to the public, Oledcomm will be at the Arab Health Exhibitions and Congress in Dubai to display LiFiCare, its revolutionary lamp aimed at the medical world. LiFiCare allows healthcare specialists to access the medical records of a patient in a secure and confidential manner and provides individual and radiowave-free access to patients. Several LiFiCare lamps will soon be integrated French Hospital Perpignan, specializing in prenatal care.

Use of networks connectivity is particularly regulated in the medical and hospital fields. In general, Wifi use and 4G are prohibited as they can interfere with medical equipment and harm patients, particularly children that are sensitive to electromagnetic waves.

It is vital that medical information be provided in real time to the healthcare team for the patient to be taken in charge in the best possible manner. LiFiCare uses the revolutionary technology of LiFi.

LiFi (“Light Fidelity”) is a new technology that allows mobile devices (and other connected objects) to connect to each other by using LED lights. LiFi transmits data by modulating the light signals from an LED light bulb. Of course, this process is invisible to the human eye. Light signals are received and converted into data by a dongle connected to computers or tablets equipped with USB-A or USB-C cables.

In a hospital environment, LiFi ensures the transmission of medical information. Created in partnership with Biolume and LiD Lamps, the LiFiCare lamp was specifically conceived for medical use. It attaches on the headboard of a patient’s bed, and thanks to a dongle connected to his tablet, the doctor can access the medical record of the patient, without radiowaves. Since transmission of information follows the light beam, the data remains confidential and only the approved medical staff that is present in the room can access it.

The second role of LiFiCare is to provide patients with an internet connection is consistent with the international laws and guidelines for radio waves, which are considered harmful to people and may cause medical equipment to malfunction.

LiFi has already seduced professionals. Specialising in prenatal care, French Hospital Perpignan has just ordered 12 units of LifiCare to equip 6 rooms. And offer a maximum of comfort, security and well-being to patients.

Oledcomm will be at the Arab Health Exhibition and Cogress in Dubaï from January 29 to February 1st at the following booths:

Biolum :  Za’abeel Hall 2   Z2.F10
LID :  Za’abeel Hall 2   Z2.C55