MyLiFi® Pro

Secured connection by Wisekey

MyLiFi® Pro integrates the WISeKeyIoT framework, a comprehensive trusted end-to-end cybersecurity platform for IoT developed by WISeKey.

Based on VaultIC semiconductors embedding inviolable digital certificates, the WISeKeyIoT framework forms a unique Root of Trust technology that can be easily programmed to manage the ecosystem of devices which connect through our MyLiFi® Pro is authorized or blocked.

Easy to implement, hard to attack, the combination of MyLiFi® Pro and the WISeKeyIoT framework offers the most secure wireless communication solutions with performances similar to wired networks.

WISeKey (SIX Swiss Exchange: WIHN) is a leading global cybersecurity company soon to be NASDAQ listed and currently deploying large scale digital identity ecosystems with a patented process

Create your lighting ambiance

MyLiFi® is a high quality LED lighting, with dimming and modification of temperature color (from warm to neutral to cold atmosphere).

Access, through MyLiFi® APP, secured by a personal password, to all of your MyLiFi® feature.

Manage your group of light, users and access control using our desktop and mobile application.

The app allows you to control all the lights in a room or area at once, instantly.

The routines feature allows you to set light and LiFi schedules to support your daily activities, from the moment your employee or customers arrived to the moment you close.

Application featured

Manage your lamps, groups of lamps, users associated to lamps : A complete software for lighting and LiFi management

More savings with lighting management software

Remotely operate and monitor your assets via a web interface.

MyLiFi®s Cloud lighting management application offers advanced control features such as usage (LiFi on or off, Light on or off) dimming and advanced light ambience scheduling sequences.

MyLiFi®PRO application ensures that your wireless lighting network is always connected, available and secure.

You can remotly control the Light or the LiFi connection independently and give access or not to your data infrastructure.

MyLiFi®Lamp access control

The Lighting manager will be entiltle to give rights or restricted access to certain lamp features to each and every users such as: color temperature, LiFi connectivity, schedules.

Obtain accurate data analytics usage reports

MyLiFi®s lighting management Cloud based application reports can be generated on a daily, monthly or annual basis.

Installation Diagram

Plug & Play ready to play in less than five minutes


Need a connection on the go?

Thanks to this dongle available on all MyLiFi® products, connect any device through a USB socket!

Transforming the light into data.


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MyLiFi® PRO Additional Features

Encrypted data transmission by WISEkey Luminosity sensor Biodynamic Lighting LiFi Cloud Data Analytics

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