Responsible digital tech without wires or radio waves

The advantages

LiFi, a sound and reliable answer to the digital transformation of territories


Protects students from overexposure to radio waves with invisible light technology


Reduces energy and environmental impact – up to 50% energy savings

Connection quality

Guarantees a stable connection and a higher throughput than WiFi thanks to the absence of radio interference and a very low latency


Inherent security of light, as the signal uses invisible near infrared light that is undetectable, non-interferable and non-interceptable outside the room and without electromagnetic signature.


Offers the agility of wireless technology for educational purposes


The light signal has better stability, higher speed and lower latency than WiFi. It’s fiber optics without the physical medium!

More responsible connectivity

Our solutions reduce children’s exposure to radiofrequency waves and meet the requirements of the Abeille law and the recommendations of the ANSES.

Did you know?

The Abeille law imposes limits on exposure to electromagnetic waves in certain sensitive areas such as elementary school, childcare centers and nurseries. The law prohibits “wireless internet access (wifi) in areas dedicated to children’s reception, rest and activities”.

Comparative diagram of the electromagnetic field intensity between WiFi and LiFi


Better connectivity

  • Nos solutions offrent une meilleure stabilité et une latence réduite (<0,5ms)
  • The absence of radio interference avoids network saturation
  • Bandwidth is shared more equitably, thanks to Oledcomm’s patented technology

    *Context of the measurement: available speed during the test: 93/90Mbps. 12 users connected simultaneously. Measured with

Use cases

Education LiFi

Childcare centers/nurseries

Provide wireless and efficient connectivity to staff while complying with the Abeille law

  • Create a dedicated connectivity space in your lobby, activity area, executive office and break room with our LiFiMAX Education® solution

  • Operate timekeeping and child monitoring software with agility

  • Share photos and videos with parents in real time

Kindergarten & Elementary school

To allow the implementation of new innovative educational activities even with the youngest children 

  • Create a dedicated connectivity space in your kindergarten classrooms

  • Designing digital and mobile educational workshops with the LiFiMAX® tablet 

  • Implement new teaching methods 

  • Protect the health of the youngest by avoiding overexposure to radio waves
Play Video
Play Video

Middle schools, high schools and higher education

Provide better quality, security and reliability of connection to your students and teachers

  • Equip your classrooms, technology rooms and laboratories with our high-speed LiFiMAXEducation solutions, which are reliable and capable of handling high traffic density

  • Provide a secure, high-performance solution in your staff rooms 

  • Enable optimal data security for teachers and administrators

Our range of products

Education LiFiMAX®

Access point

Allows access to the network, contains the intelligence of the LiFi system, including the LiFiMAXController®.


A transmitter and signal repeater that allows optimal coverage of the space.

LiFi Tablet

The world’s first LiFi and WiFi enabled tablet.

LiFi Key

To connect computers, tablets and smartphones in plug and play.

Contact us for custom LiFi shells for your Apple and Android tablets

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