Oledcomm LiFi

Driven by the mission to help LiFi spread throughout the world, Oledcomm offers customized solutions for all types of structures.


In the colors of your project

Whatever your industry, your constraints and the challenges you face, we can offer you an ultra-fast, secure, stable and healthy wireless connection.

The service

Beyond LiFi products

Design and implementation

With twenty engineers, Oledcomm’s scope extends far beyond the sale of LiFi products. As a pioneer in light-based connectivity technology, Oledcomm designs and implements your LiFi solutions from A to Z.

Tested in-house

All our products are designed and tested in our laboratories in Vélizy, from electronic design to optical components, mechanical parts, firmware and software.

Tailored integration

To help you get the most out of LiFi technology, Oledcomm can help your team develop a solution that is perfectly suited to your needs, as well as ensure its integration into your structure or product.

Custom LiFi solutions integrated into your products

At Oledcomm, our expertise allows us to push the limits of LiFi applications. Whatever your ambitions and limitations, we can imagine, design and install a LiFi solution that meets them. From the angle of the light beam to fit your ceiling height, to the wavelength, to the connectors and data rate, every element, every aspect of the technology can be shaped to your liking.

Examples of custom LiFi solutions

To date, our custom LiFi solutions have already been used in a number of indoor and outdoor products and environments for endless possibilities of use:

  • Integration of a LiFi transceiver in medical or industrial robots
  • LiFi industrial IoT sensors (temperature, humidity, …)
  • “Enhanced” LiFi products for aerospace
  • Defense and space environments
  • LiFi products designed to be integrated into a vehicle
  • Fluid data transfer products for the railway industry
  • Connectivity between machines
  • Integration of LiFi in indoor or outdoor LED lights
  • And more

Like Dell, Airbus, Air France, the French Ministry of Defense or even Ford and Renault, entrust your project to our development teams and enjoy a fully customized service.

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