Innovative Wireless Connection with the LiFiMAX® Android Tablet

Introducing our revolutionary wireless receiver - the LiFiMAX Android Tablet with natively integrated LiFi technology.

The Handheld Solution to
Lightning-Fast Connectivity

Discover the world of convenient wireless connectivity with 4 key features of our LiFi Technology
access points and LiFiMAX® Android Tablet.

Photo-Biological Safety
A certified IEC/EN 62471 standard transmission signal with no photo-biological risk & automatic signal cut off.
Disruption Free Compatibility
With zero electromagnetic interference from radio waves, the LiFiMAX® Tab immediately benefits from a LiFi connection when placed within the coverage area of a Photonic Antenna.
Easy Integration
Seamlessly integrates with existing wireless structures and maintains compatibility with WiFi, Bluetooth, and other standard tablet functions.
Handy & Easy-To-Use
Equipped with a responsive G+P Capacitive touchscreen in a lightweight, portable device, our LiFi Android tablet boasts an 8000mAh battery, meaning 6-7 hours of use + additional 6000mAh LiFi battery.

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Android Tablet

The Leading Wireless Choice for Versatility & Integration

Oledcomm’s LiFiMAX® Android Tablet is the top choice for seamless LiFi Tablet Integration and interference-free operation.

Oledcomm is committed to developing LiFi Technology that maintains easy integration with existing wireless infrastructures. We prioritize energy efficiency in LiFi devices through LED bulbs, and versatility in areas of use by providing LiFi internet that can be restricted, when necessary, in indoor spaces, such as hospitals and manufacturing facilities. Simply place your Oledcomm LiFi tablet within a fully integrated, high-speed, secure, and radio frequency-free LiFi connection. A direct connection between Oledcomm access points and the LiFiMAX® Android Tablet with LiFi nearly eliminates the chances of signal interception.

LiFiMAX® Android Tablet Specifications


13.7cm x 12.5cm x 3.2cm


261 g

Total debit

215 Mbps up/down

An integral part of Oledcomm’s LiFiMAX® Suite, the LiFiMAX® Android Tablet is one device in a host of state-of-the-art LiFi devices designed for lightning-fast and reliable wireless connection.

Other Components in LiFiMAX® Suite

Oledcomm has developed an energy-efficient technology system that’s personalizable, accessible, and dispersible. Read about the complete, lightning-fast solution below.

The LiFiMAX® Photonic Antennas 

The LiFiMAX® Photonic Antennas are connected to the Access Point to help user devices access the LiFi network. A single AP can be connected with a maximum of 6 Photonic Antennas through specific RJ45 cables. 

The LiFiMAX® Access Point

The LiFiMAX® Access Point enables a secure connection for user devices. The data received by a router is transmitted to the LiFi access point, which in turn transmits it to nearby antennas as light signals.

The USB-C LiFiMAX® Dongle

The LiFiMAX® Dongle or End Points are connected to user devices to allow them to access a LiFi connection. Each End Point can communicate with the LiFiMAX® Photonic Antenna to establish access to LiFi signals.

The LiFiMAX®Controller

The LiFiMAX® Controller is a software application that helps the LiFiMAX® AP to secure and manage a connection with the client's network. It also provides special connectivity features and administration tools to the network manager. 

The LiFiMAX® Android or iOS tablet Case

The LiFiMAX® case enables your iOS and Android tablets to be compliant with LiFi data transmission. Equipped with an additional battery, this tablet case allows you to enjoy a full day of uninterrupted connectivity. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A LiFi tablet is a portable computing device that is equipped with LiFi technology. It establishes a wireless connection using visible light communication (VLC), whereas traditional tablets use WiFi. In form, both tablets are similar.
Many factors contribute to a LiFi-compatible tablet’s enhanced wireless connectivity including faster data transfer, secure connection, increased bandwidth, and immunity to interference.
A LiFi-compatible tablet boasts significantly faster data transfer speeds in comparison to regular WiFi because it uses the speed of light band to transfer data, making it the leading technology in rapid downloading, uploading, and streaming high-definition video.
Yes, our LiFiMAX®Tab Android Tablet with case is available for purchase, it consists of an Android tablet and an integrated case that allows it to receive LiFi data. Equipped with an additional battery, it offers a full day of autonomy and has all the functionalities of a classic tablet (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.).
A LiFi tablet has a bi-directional connection with the LED transmitter, allowing it to send and receive data at top speeds in the invisible light spectrum.
 LiFiMAX® is Oledcomm’s very own integrated LiFi system inclusive of devices, access points, and strategies to ensure your most secure, functional, and fast wireless connection. Learn more about LiFiMAX® and our products and services here.