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Oledcomm's LiFi Technology Partnership Program

Why become an Oledcomm partner?

Presented as an outstanding beacon for the future of connectivity, Oledcomm’s optical wireless communication solutions prioritize security, performance, radio interference mitigation, and human health in diverse environments.

A Frost & Sullivan report predicts an impressive 50% annual growth in the LiFi market over the next five years, paving the way for an enticing growth opportunity for our prospective partners.

Contributing to the future of connectivity

By joining the Oledcomm Partner Program, you are betting on an innovative technology in full expansion that will contribute to the connectivity of the future in sectors as varied as Defense, Security, Space, Aeronautics, Industry, Education or Health. The addressable market is therefore vast and diversified.

Oledcomms Partnership: Advancing LiFi Technology

Paving the way for digital responsibility

With Oledcomm’s LiFi technology, you are part of a more responsible digital approach. Apart from the health aspect, LiFi contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint by reducing the use of copper cables that are difficult to recycle and by limiting power consumption. Our products are therefore all the more relevant in the current context of energy sobriety and respect for the environment.

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Opting for our LiFi solutions will allow you to offer your customers a global and extended offer, in particular by combining WiFi and LiFi installations in order to meet various connectivity and cybersecurity requirements, without compromising users’ mobility.

At Oledcomm, building trusted partnerships is at the heart of our values. We believe that we can only grow through strong, long-term partnerships that create value for both partners.

What does it involve?

Oledcomm’s business development strategy is based on building a network of partners.
We are looking for partners who place innovation at the heart of their strategy, who are concerned about their environmental and health impact, who are close to their customers and integrated in their territory and for whom customer satisfaction is an absolute priority. It is important that these values are shared and passed on by our partners.
An Oledcomm partner has several fundamental roles in the value chain:

Promote and prospect

The partner undertakes to communicate to its existing customers the advantages of LiFi and the specific needs it meets. The highly innovative aspect of LiFi also presents an opportunity to prospect new potential customers with a highly differentiated offer. On certain significant opportunities, Oledcomm will be available to accompany the partner, at his/her/its request, to a customer meeting.

What are the criteria to be an Oledcomm partner?

In our quest to be as close as possible to our customers, we are seeking integrator partners on a human scale, firmly established in their territories, and highly attentive to their customers. Our objective is to ensure a high level of excellence and impeccable quality of service, and therefore, we prioritize partners who share our values and make innovation a daily requirement.

Share common values and adhere to the Oledcomm Charter

Be very well established in its territory

Be an integrator on a human scale

Be fond of innovation

Have an in-depth knowledge of the needs and problems of its customers

Have a good knowledge of its catchment area

Know how to be patient, and evangelize the technology and its uses to its customers

Be enthusiastic and patient in discovering and implementing new technologies.

What are Oledcomm's commitments to its partners?


Once the distribution contract is signed, Oledcomm provides technical and commercial training.

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