For 'plug and play' wireless integration of a payload

Fusée spatial au décolage

The advantages

Weight savings and faster integration for significant cost savings

Weight/cost reduction

Up to 5kgs of data cables saved on an LEO satellite. Up to 500kgs saved in a Boeing 777.

Reduced development and integration time

Rapid addition of a new payload to a satellite within 3-4 months including environmental qualification to enable new missions.

Reduced satellite installation and testing time

Considerable time savings in WIL through the use of wireless and therefore a reduction in time-to-market

Simplified engineering

Simplification of the design and gain in volume of future satellites/spacecraft thanks to wireless without electromagnetic interference

Use cases

Aerospace LiFi

Replacement of data cables in a satellite, a launcher or an aircraft

Cable replacement in satellite test facilities (AIT: Assembly, Integration, Testing)

Integration of a payload in a satellite, whether it is inside or outside the satellite

Secure wireless communication within an aircraft, in the cockpit or cabin

Communications within a launcher between the different stages, between the launcher and the satellites they carry or between the launcher and the ground

Space rendez-vous

Our products


The SatelLiFe range will be launched and tested on several space flights in 2023.

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