LiFi Technology : Unleashing the Power of Light for Enhanced Connectivity

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Oledcomm is reinventing wireless communication standards by harnessing the power of LiFi technology. We are revolutionizing wireless communications by using light to transmit and receive information at unprecedented speeds to bring you greater security and mobility wherever radio waves are not desired. With 33 patents and 15 years of R&D experience, our PhDs and engineers are developing the photonic communication solutions of the future for the AerospaceDefenseCybersecurity and Industrial markets.

How LiFi makes a difference

Absolute safety

A reduced energy footprint

Unparalleled speed

Preserving your health

Wireless mobility without the interference

Qu'est ce que le LiFi ?

LiFi ou ” Light Fidelity “, est un système de communication sans fil utilisant la lumière. Les LED ont la capacité de s’allumer et de s’éteindre plusieurs millions de fois par seconde. En utilisant le spectre invisible de la lumière, l’infrarouge, Oledcomm convertit les informations en données binaires, à la manière d’un code Morse optique. Cette modulation se produit si rapidement, plus de 10 millions de fois par seconde, que l’œil ne peut la percevoir.

Our LiFi solutions

Experience our ruggedised LiFi solutions for defense and security applications. By transmitting data through light, LiFi guarantees secure communication without electromagnetic signatures, while enabling mobility in the workspace.

Discover our space qualified LiFi solutions that enable “plug and play” wireless integration of payloads in aerospace applications. By harnessing the power of light, LiFi technology provides interference-free, reliable and high-speed connectivity for seamless data transmission on aircraft and satellites. It offers a lightweight and efficient solution, contributing to the advancement of aerospace communication systems.

Our LiFi solutions deliver ultra-secure wireless connectivity for offices and corporate environments. Sensitive data can be transmitted securely, ensuring privacy and preventing unauthorized access.

Our LiFi solutions offer wireless optics for industries and transportation sectors, ensuring communication without interference where electromagnetic compatibility is crucial. By implementing LiFi, industrial facilities and transportation systems can maintain uninterrupted and secure data transfer without compromising safety.

Our LiFi technology brings responsible digital tech solutions for educational institutions. With wireless connectivity that operates without radio waves, LiFi ensures a healthier learning environment by reducing electromagnetic exposure. It provides fast and reliable internet access for classrooms or libraries, supporting the seamless integration of digital resources and fostering educational advancement

Oledcomm offers customized solutions, tailored for all types of structures. Whether you’re looking to equip an office building, a public space, a unique architectural design or any other type of facility, our team provides tailor-made LiFi implementations to meet your specific requirements.


They trust us

Achievements that make us stand out

Cybernight 2022 Award

Cybernight Li-Fi - Oledcomm's Solutions Highlight

Oledcomm awarded for best Cybersecurity Innovation.


LiFi Chip

Oledcomm unveils its 1.5 x 2.5 mm LiFi chip.

2020 - 2021

Oledcomm Wins CNES Li-Fi Challenge

Oledcomm won 2 CNES R&D Challenges.


Oledcomm declared as Winner of the EIC Accelerator

Oledcomm is selected by the European Innovation Council.


LiFi Technology for Education

LiFi solutions are tested for the first time in France in a high school.

2018 - 2019

CES Innovation Awards for LiFi Technology

Oledcomm wins 3 CES Awards for Smart City & Innovation.


Air France equipped with Oledcomm's LiFi

Oledcomm equips the first commercial flight with LiFi.


Oledcomm Ranks High in Top French Startups

Forbes ranks Oledcomm 13th/100 most innovative French start-ups.

Lighting Up the Paris Air Show 2023 with LiFi!

Unlocking limitless possibilities for wireless communication in the Aerospace industry.


Frequently asked questions about LiFi

LiFi stands for Light Fidelity. It’s one of the latest innovations in communication, aiming to improve current technologies by using invisible light, instead of radio waves, as a means of data transmission.

LiFi is a mobile, two-way, high-speed communication technology using light. It consists of several LEDs forming a wireless network. When an electric current is transmitted to these LEDs, a stream of light (photons) is emitted by this device. The LEDs are semiconductors, which means that they can be modulated at high rates. The signal is then received by a sensor that interprets the modulations of the light (the signal) as data. The modulation cannot be seen by the human eye, so the communication is as invisible as other radio systems. This allows users to be connected wherever a LiFi infrastructure is deployed.

The LEDs used to transmit LiFi signals are modulated at such a fast rate that the eye cannot perceive any “flicker”. This is similar to the way our eyes do not perceive the transition between frames in a movie. For comparison purposes, the lowest frequency at which LiFi devices are modulated is 1 MHz, which is 10,000 times higher than the refresh rate of our computer monitors.

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