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Wireless optics without electromagnetic interference for absolute safety and the highest possible speed!

LiFi technology is a complete game-changer for the world of connectivity. Using light waves for data transmission, LiFi technology offers low latency, undisturbed stability, and unyielding security to wireless communication systems. Based on using visible light from LED bulbs as a medium for data transfer, LiFi or Light Fidelity Internet can propel the transport and industry sectors to new heights of possibilities.

When used in transportation, invisible light communication aids real-time data sharing, location monitoring, enhanced traffic flow, and safer roads. LiFi technology can make everyday vehicles a powerhouse in terms of infallible navigation and connectivity by integrating them with an internet network that runs at the speed of light. For the aviation industry, LiFi provides a top-notch in-flight communication system that is simple to install, creates zero interference with other on-air signals or devices, and comes at a minimal cost!

LiFi technology can be highly valuable in industrial environments by providing a secure and steady communication network that does not interfere with pre-existing systems or machines. It can augment the operative capacities of industries by enabling smart manufacturing, better logistics, and smoother workflow management. The LiFi bandwidth offers high data transfer rates with significantly lower latency which can power highly demanding industrial sectors such as defense, robotics, infrastructure, and IoT.

The advantages

Wireless without interference

Inherent security of light, the signal using invisible near infrared light. The absence of radio waves makes it undetectable, non-interferable and non-interceptable outside the factory as the optical signal doesn’t pass through walls. A LiFi Manager software brick allows for log management, 802.1X, VLAN, 128-bit AES secure key for the LiFi link, captive portal.

Absolute security

LiFi technology offers the most sophisticated security advantages because light signals are highly reliable mediums for data transmission. Unlike other electromagnetic waves, light waves can be confined within a physical boundary. As light waves do not cross walls, it helps contain the data-bearing signals within a limited area, adding a physical layer of security. Moreover, doing away with radio frequency signals eliminates the risk of cybersecurity violations caused by interference or hacking of such signals. This is because LiFi relies on light fidelity which cannot be intercepted like traditional WiFi. In addition to this, Oledcomm also operates a LiFi Manager software brick for log management and encryption. This is the highest possible security apparatus any communication network can offer!

Unparalleled speed

LiFi is nicknamed the Internet at the speed of light. The speed of LiFi technology is powered by an LED light source which can be modulated at high frequencies to create the fastest data transfer rate. No other internet network can provide the low latency and high bandwidth offered by the LiFi standard, which can transmit data. At Oledcomm, our solutions deliver up to 3 Gbps point-to-point, which is the ideal solution for massive V2I data download applications.

Indoor geolocation with remarkable accuracy

LiFi technology offers high precision and low latency, which makes it an ideal solution for applications requiring indoor geolocation. Invisible light communication is super reliable for tracking the location of objects within its coverage zone. This feature makes it very useful for industries that need asset tracking, navigation assistance, and monitoring the movement of machines or robots. Oledcomm has the perfect solution for indoor geolocation that can detect devices and machines with centimeter accuracy!

Reduced Energy Footprint

LiFi is a clean, and cost-efficient technology which uses light waves to transfer data. Establishing a LiFi network does not require complicated devices or wire installations that are part of traditional internet systems. Instead, a typical LiFi for industry solution just needs a source of power and a transmitting-receiving connection between devices. This makes LiFi among the most energy-efficient and low-cost modes of data transmission that can be used for building well-connected industries and transportation systems.

Indoor geolocation with remarkable accuracy

Traditional WiFi employs radio frequency waves, and research suggests potential health concerns from prolonged exposure. LiFi, utilizing invisible light communication, emerges as a superior alternative. It eliminates the perceived health risks associated with radio waves, providing a safer and health-friendly connectivity solution. Particularly beneficial in public spaces, where internet connectivity is indispensable, Light Internet’s reliance on invisible light communication minimizes health hazards, especially for vulnerable populations like the elderly and children, making it a safer, health-friendly, and low-cost alternative to traditional Internet.

Use cases

Industry & Transport LiFi

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure using LiFi Technology

Vehicle to Infrastructure(V2I)

Light Fidelity Communication for Industries

Machine to Machine

Industrial IoT LiFi Solutions by Oledcomm

Industrial IoT

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LiFi, a wireless communication technology using light, finds applications in various industries. It’s beneficial in healthcare for secure data transfer, manufacturing for interference-free connectivity, and aviation for enhanced communication in sensitive environments. LiFi also enhances security in government and financial sectors due to its limited signal range.
LiFi is employed for real-time data sharing, location monitoring, and internet connectivity. In industry, it facilitates secure communication, enabling smart manufacturing, logistics improvement, and enhanced workflow management.
LiFi revolutionizes connectivity by using light waves for data transmission, ensuring low latency, stable communication, and unparalleled security. Its high-speed capabilities make it a game-changer, especially in transportation and industry.
LiFi’s interference-free nature in industrial settings enables secure communication, enhancing automation capabilities. It aids in smart manufacturing, logistics, and workflow management, contributing to the efficiency of industrial automation in sectors like defense, robotics, infrastructure, and IoT.
Yes, LiFi is disruptive. It offers wireless communication without interference, advanced security through invisible light signals, unparalleled speed, and energy efficiency. It transforms traditional communication systems in industries and transportation, marking a significant advancement in connectivity technology.
LiFi enhances security by confining data-bearing light signals within a limited area, eliminating the risk of interference or hacking. The absence of radio frequency signals and advanced security features make LiFi a highly secure communication network.
Yes, LiFi is adaptable to outdoor environments. Its effectiveness outdoors may depend on factors like extreme weather conditions and obstacles, but ongoing advancements expand its applicability beyond indoor settings.
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