Powerful data transmission with Oledcomm’s
Photonic Antenna

An innovative Photonic Antenna that offers reliable and unparalleled
internet connectivity in a wide area of operation.

LiFiMAX Photonic Antenna

Key Features of The LiFiMAX® Photonic Antenna

Photo-biological Safety
A certified IEC/EN 62471 standard transmission signal with no photo-biological risk & automatic signal cut off.
Widely Compatible

Effortless compatibility with Windows (7 and above), MacOS, Linux for computers, Android for smartphones and tablets with
USB-C connector.


Minimizes security breaches and includes an optical filtering system that eliminates interference from sunlight & disruptive frequencies like radio signals.

With dynamic power control deployed during transmission, the photonic antenna can adjust the power necessary for various connectivity demands, and also save power when not in use.

Choose the antenna’s position and aesthetic with multiple ways of mounting (Surface, recessed).

Easy Installation
Say goodbye to heavy wiring and cable installations necessary for traditional networks and experience an easy and hassle-free installation process.

Try Oledcomm LiFi to experience connectivity at the speed of light

Photonic Antenna Specifications and Standards


71mm x 28mm

Opening angle

83 degrees

Data rate

250 Mbps

Connect far and wide with the Photonic Antenna

Elevate your workspace with this easily installed bubble of connectivity

The LiFiMAX® Photonic Antenna is an integral piece of the LiFiMAX® Suite, allowing for the wireless connection supplied by the central access point to be divided and dispersed in areas depending on connectivity demand. Designed with wide coverage in mind, there is no expanse too great for the vastness of this Oledcomm LiFi technology.    

LiFi Technology Intergration

Other Components in LiFiMAX® Product Range

Oledcomm has developed an energy efficient technology system that’s personalizable, accessible and
dispersible. Read about the complete, lightning-fast solution below.

LiFiMAX Access Point

The LiFiMAX® Access Point

The LiFiMAX® Access Point enables a secure connection for user devices. The data received by a router is transmitted to the LiFi access point, which in turn transmits it to nearby antennas as light signals.

LiFiMAX Dongle Receiver

The USB-C LiFiMAX® Dongle

The LiFiMAX® Dongle or End Points are connected to user devices to allow them to access a LiFi connection. Each End Point can communicate with the LiFiMAX® Photonic Antenna to establish access to LiFi signals.

LiFi Tablet

The LiFiMAX® Tablet

The LiFiMAX® Tablet comes with integrated features of the LiFiMAX® End Point along with providing 7-8 hours of battery life. The user can benefit from a LiFi connection when the LiFiMAX® Tablet is placed in the coverage zone of a Photonic Antenna.

LiFi Tablet Case

The LiFiMAX® Android or iOS tablet Case

The LiFiMAX® case enables your iOS and Android tablets to be compliant with LiFi data transmission. Equipped with an additional battery, this tablet case allows you to enjoy a full day of uninterrupted connectivity. 

LiFiMAX Controller

The LiFiMAX®Controller

The LiFiMAX® Controller is a software application that helps the LiFiMAX® AP to secure and manage a connection with the client's network. It also provides special connectivity features and administration tools to the network manager. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Light Fidelity, or LiFi, is a wireless connection based upon visible light communication (VLC), which means that a connection established between a device and an access point uniquely exists within the confines of the space, is based on a line-of-sight communication, and is at very low risk to interception.
An optical antenna works similarly to a traditional radio frequency antenna, but instead it uses frequencies in the visible or infrared spectrum of light to manipulate and transmit light carrying data on a nanoscale.
The LiFiMAX® Photonic Antenna has an easy installation process. After determining the coverage measurements required for connectivity, installation of the system is plug-and-play, requiring no further software installation or software. Oledcomm has an incredibly reliable customer service line for installation questions or customer support.

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