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Bringing invisible light connectivity to prioritize safety, speed, health, and mobility.

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Who are we?

Oledcomm is a French company, spinoff of Paris-Saclay University, pioneer and world leader in optical and photonic communications. With a paramount focus on innovation, Oledcomm is revolutionizing the world of wireless connectivity by providing high-speed solutions that go beyond the ordinary. One of the company’s defining features is its unwavering commitment to absolute security, ensuring that users can enjoy seamless connectivity without compromising their data’s confidentiality and integrity. Through our cutting-edge technology and dedication to excellence, we are leading the way towards a more connected and secure future.

We are driven

by a powerful mission

Our mission is to provide high-speed wireless optical communications as a viable alternative to traditional cable connections in environments where radio waves are not desired or suitable.

Our story

From 2005 to today

Our adventure begins in 2005 in the research laboratories of the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin with the first research on communication via visible light.

Ministry of Higher Education


Oledcomm is created and wins the prize for the most innovative company awarded by the Ministry of Research and Industry
Ministry of Higher Education
La French Tech Logo


Oledcomm joins la French Tech
La French Tech Logo


LiFi is tested in the TGV with the SNCF and Thales
Ministry of Higher Education


LiFi becomes a strategic sector program of the Ministry of Economy
Ministry of Higher Education
Picture of Benjamin Azoulay


Benjamin Azoulay becomes CEO
Picture of Benjamin Azoulay
CES Innovation Awards 2018


2 CES Awards are given for our product MyLiFi
CES Innovation Awards 2018
Air France equipped with Oledcomm's LiFi


Oledcomm brings LiFi broadband connection for the first time on an Air France plane
Air France equipped with Oledcomm's LiFi
LiFiMAX by Oledcomm


Our LiFiMAX product is launched and wins a CES Award. Palissy High School becomes the first high school in France equipped with LiFi with our LiFiMAXEducation solution
LiFiMAX by Oledcomm


Oledcomm is the winner of the CNES R&D challenge


Our values

By acting with a high level of integrity and professional ethics, we create a collaborative and trusting work environment for our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders who share our values.


Learning is at the heart of our development, we are eager to improve and adapt to the digital world

Our team

Our team, composed mainly of PhD holders and engineers of international renown, is revolutionizing tomorrow’s connectivity thanks to its expertise in electronics, mechanics, optics and software.
We control the entire life cycle of our products, from design to deployment. All the hardware and software design of our products is done in our R&D laboratories located in Vélizy-Villacoublay.
Guided by the management team, our R&D, purchasing, production, sales and logistics teams put their skills to work for the benefit of innovation and customer satisfaction.

Oledcomm Team: LiFi Technology Innovators

Our laboratories and intellectual property

World leader with 33 LiFi patents

As we were founded in the laboratories of the University of Paris-Saclay, research, development and innovation are part of our DNA. Thanks to our 15 years of R&D and the determination of our teams, we’ve built a portfolio of 33 patents. This makes us the world leader in LiFi intellectual property.
We benefit from the technological resources and cutting-edge research equipment in the laboratories of the University of Paris-Saclay




15 years

Scientists & researchers


LiFi personnalisées intégrées dans vos produits
Exemples de solutions LiFi personnalisées

Our certifications

BV_Certification_ISO 9001-14001-1

Committed to the continuous improvement of the quality of our processes and concerned about our environmental impact, Oledcomm has been certified ISO 9001 and 14001 since 2021.

ANSSI Information: Oledcomm's LiFi Advantages

In line with our cybersecurity approach, our products are in the process of ANSSI certification for deployment in militarized sectors.


Since cybersecurity is a major issue for us and for our customers, our products have been tested and validated by Orange Cyberdefense

Union Européenne_A propos_Oledcomm

As winner of the prestigious European Innovation Council Accelerator program in 2021, we are supported by the European Union in the development of our projects in the aerospace sector.

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