LiFiMAX® Dongle: Your gateway to high-speed internet

Harness the power of light communication technology with Oledcomm’s LiFiMAX® Wireless Dongle. Experience ultra-fast and secure wireless communication.

Why choose the LiFiMAX® Dongle

Compact and Plug & Play

By enabling devices with a direct connection to an access point powered by light communication, the LiFiMAX® dongle captures light signals emitted from antennas and quickly provides connectivity and data transfer.

Easy Integration
No driver, software installation, or user configuration required. The device also comes with a convenient carrying case to reduce the risk of misplacing, damaging, or losing the ethernet dongle equipment.
Photo-biological Safety Standard
A certified IEC/EN 62471 standard transmission signal with no photo-biological risk & automatic signal cut off.
Energy Efficient

The LiFiMAX® Dongle utilizes frequencies in the infrared spectrum of light, carried by efficient LED bulbs, ensuring an energy efficient solution to all connectivity situations.

Get your LiFiMAX® Dongle

Hassle-free Connectivity on the fly

Simply beam wireless internet access directly to your device by plugging in the dongle receiver.

Oledcomm’s LiFiMAX® USB dongle stick harnesses the power of light to transform it into data. Fast and inherently secure, Oledcomm LiFi is a technology that establishes a connection from the central LiFiMAX® data transmitters straight to your portable device. The LiFiMAX® Dongle receives these signals and provides an incredibly stable communication stream within seconds.  

LiFiMAX® Dongle Specifications


74mm x 25mm x 15mm



Date rate

250 Mbps

With an opening angle of 83 degrees, the plug-and-play installation of the LiFiMAX® Dongle has been praised for being “convenient and user friendly” - no need for additional drivers or software for the LiFi dongle to secure a connection.

Other Components in LiFiMAX® Product Range

Oledcomm has developed an energy efficient technology system that’s personalizable, accessible and
dispersible. Read about the complete, lightning-fast solution below.

The LiFiMAX® Photonic Antennas 

The LiFiMAX® Photonic Antennas are connected to the Access Point to help user devices access the LiFi network. A single AP can be connected with a maximum of 6 Photonic Antennas through specific RJ45 cables. 

The LiFiMAX® Access Point

The LiFiMAX® Access Point enables a secure connection for user devices. The data received by a router is transmitted to the LiFi access point, which in turn transmits it to nearby antennas as light signals.

The LiFiMAX®Controller

The LiFiMAX® Controller is a software application that helps the LiFiMAX® AP to secure and manage a connection with the client's network. It also provides special connectivity features and administration tools to the network manager. 

The LiFiMAX® Tablet

The LiFiMAX® Tablet comes with integrated features of the LiFiMAX® End Point along with providing 7-8 hours of battery life. The user can benefit from a LiFi connection when the LiFiMAX® Tablet is placed in the coverage zone of a Photonic Antenna.

The LiFiMAX® Android or iOS tablet Case

The LiFiMAX® case enables your iOS and Android tablets to be compliant with LiFi data transmission. Equipped with an additional battery, this tablet case allows you to enjoy a full day of uninterrupted connectivity. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A LiFi endpoint is a device that is capable of receiving wireless transmissions from a wireless access point enabling internet connection through light fidelity technology.
Li-Fi harnesses the power of visible light communication (VLC) to provide internet connectivity. Oledcomm’s fascination with light fidelity technology began in 2005 at the University of Paris-Saclay, where researchers found that wireless connectivity could be carried on infrared or visible light signals. Data is encoded into these light signals and delivered to devices by means of, let’s say, a wireless dongle.
Conveniently and dynamically shaped, the wireless dongle offered by Oledcomm is a champion of wireless connectivity. Whether delivering large amounts of data to your device or operating on an energy efficient LED receiving system, the dongle is a modular piece of equipment that acts as an internet endpoint in LiFi systems.
Typically, an LED light source encodes data into modulated light signals, transmitting them through line-of-sight communication to a receiver. Light fidelity boasts an immunity to electromagnetic interference as it uses infrared or other light spectrums to transmit data, ensuring an interoperability with existing networks and systems, utilizing the specialized bandwidth available.

LiFiMAX® is Oledcomm’s very own integrated LiFi system inclusive of devices, access points, and strategies to ensure your most secure, functional, and fast wireless connection.

The installation process of the LiFiMAX® system is very simple. It’s a plug-and-play structure with all components of the technology, meaning there is no additional software, driver, or user configuration necessary. The wireless dongle is the final endpoint of the system, and receives the transmitted wireless signals 

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