Defense & Security

For ultra-fast deployment or redeployment of your network infrastructure.

The advantages

Wireless optical connectivity without no electromagnetic signature


Considerable time savings on the installation and uninstallation of your network and a reduction in the logistical impact (weight and volume of cables transported).


The inherent security of light, as the signal uses invisible near infrared light.
The absence of radio waves makes it undetectable because the signal doesn’t emit any electromagnetic signature, non-interferable and non-interceptable outside the room because the optical signal doesn’t pass through the walls of a room, a tent or a vehicle.
A LiFi Manager software brick allows the management of logs, 802.1X, VLAN, 128-bit AES secure key for the LiFi link, captive portal.


Wireless allows mobility in the workspace by uninterrupted roaming between antennas and access points.


The light signal has better stability, higher speed and lower latency than WiFi. It’s fiber optics without the physical medium!

Use cases

Defense & Security LiFi

Embassies, buildings, offices, research laboratories, manufacturing sites, crisis rooms

Fixed or mobile command posts and centers

On-board stations and command centers

Fixed or mobile point-to-point communication

Sharing & downloading tactical information

Sensitive Environments

Our products


A Defense & Security range that complies with the highest security requirements and military standards. Soleris products meet both indoor point-to-multipoint communication needs over a few meters, and outdoor point-to-multipoint or point-to-point needs over greater distances of up to a few hundred meters. Launch in April 2023.

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