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LiFiMAX Access Point

Why choose the LiFiMAX® Access Point

IEC/EN Compliant
Ensure clear signals with LiFiMAX® Access Point, compliant with IEC/EN 61000 standards for reduced interference in busy environments.
Eliminate risks with LiFiMAX® Access Point, emitting harmless light signals and offering automatic signal cut-off for added protection.
Experience interference-free connectivity with LiFiMAX® AP, using infrared wavelengths and built-in optical filtering for stable performance.
Save energy with LiFiMAX®, utilizing LED bulbs for reduced electricity consumption and a smaller carbon footprint.
Protect your network with LiFiMAX® Access Point. Benefit from robust cybersecurity through the LiFiMAX® Controller for remote security management and enhanced privacy.

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Simplify Integration with LiFiMAX® Solutions

Step into the future with LiFiMAX® Access Point! Effortlessly integrate this cutting-edge technology into your space with versatile fitting options:

  • Recessed Installation: Achieve a sleek and seamless look by recessing the LiFiMAX® Access Point into the ceiling.
  • Surface-Mounted Setup: Opt for convenience with a surface-mounted installation, perfect for quick and easy integration.

With specialized accessories from Oledcomm, customize placement for optimal coverage and receptor targeting. Upgrade your connectivity experience today with LiFiMAX® Access Point.

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 Other Components in LiFiMAX®
Product Range

Oledcomm has developed an energy-efficient technology system that’s personalizable, accessible, and dispersible. Read about the complete, lightning-fast solution below.

LiFiMAX Antennas

The LiFiMAX® Photonic Antennas 

The LiFiMAX® Photonic Antennas are connected to the Access Point to help user devices access the LiFi network. A single AP can be connected with a maximum of 6 Photonic Antennas through specific RJ45 cables. 

LiFiMAX Dongle

The USB-C LiFiMAX® Dongle

The LiFiMAX® Dongle or End Points are connected to user devices to allow them to access a LiFi connection. Each End Point can communicate with the LiFiMAX® Photonic Antenna to establish access to LiFi signals.

LiFi Tablet

The LiFiMAX® Tablet

The LiFiMAX® Tablet comes with integrated features of the LiFiMAX® End Point along with providing 7-8 hours of battery life. The user can benefit from a LiFi connection when the LiFiMAX® Tablet is placed in the coverage zone of a Photonic Antenna.

LiFi Tablet Case

The LiFiMAX® Android or iOS tablet Case

The LiFiMAX® case enables your iOS and Android tablets to be compliant with LiFi data transmission. Equipped with an additional battery, this tablet case allows you to enjoy a full day of uninterrupted connectivity. 

LiFiMAX Controller

The LiFiMAX®Controller

The LiFiMAX® Controller is a software application that helps the LiFiMAX® AP to secure and manage a connection with the client's network. It also provides special connectivity features and administration tools to the network manager. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Wireless Internet Access Point is a device facilitating wireless devices’ connection to a wired network, enabling Internet access without physical cables.
The LiFi Access Point centralizes LiFi connectivity within the LiFiMAX® range, employing components like PoE+ switches and photonic antennas to transmit data via light signals.

Oledcomm’s LiFi Access Points ensure compliance, safety, disruption-free connectivity, energy efficiency, and cybersecurity, crucial for seamless integration and efficient operation within the LiFiMAX® ecosystem.

LiFiMAX employs encryption, network isolation, and robust cybersecurity features via the LiFiMAX® Controller software to secure data transmission, ensuring confidentiality and integrity within LiFi networks.
LiFi Access Points optimize Light Fidelity by utilizing light signals, employing optical filtering to minimize interference, operating at close to infrared wavelengths, and offering high-speed data transmission, ensuring reliable wireless connectivity within the LiFiMAX® ecosystem.

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