The A-Z Guide to Exploring LiFi Technology Applications - 2024

LiFi, short for Light Fidelity, marks a revolutionary leap in internet connectivity, relying on the transmission of data through LED light.

Lifi Technology Applications

LiFi Applications: It not only matches the robustness of WiFi but surpasses it, offering a safer, healthier, and more stable alternative, proving valuable in several major industries.

After years of research and development, LiFi is now available in the market, ready to bring benefits to a wider audience. Whether it's in classrooms, airplanes, or government buildings, LiFi is making progress at the speed of light, and this is just the beginning.

Even in its early stages, LiFi has already caused significant changes in telecommunications. This article explores the various LiFi applications that are making waves in today's world.

In an ultra-connected society where access to the Internet becomes more important than ever, which technology stands out as the winner? That is the question we will try to answer in this article.

1.LiFi Spearheads Cybersecurity

Law firms, government ministries, and intelligence agencies are all places that cannot afford any cybersecurity risks. However, history has shown that existing computer protection systems, no matter how sophisticated, are not enough to guarantee foolproof security.

In addition to the inherent flaws in the networks themselves and the firewalls and antivirus software that protect them, WiFi is often at fault. Because the radiofrequency waves it emits have an average range of 250 meters outdoors and 35 meters indoors. It is a natural bait for cybercriminals who try to hack the signals outside the structures.

That is where LiFi's application is in the field of Internet security. Because the Internet signal only travels through a beam of light projected from a transmitter source to the connected device (computer, smartphone, or connected tablet), it does not pass through the room walls in which it is used. LiFi is impenetrable from an outside room and is a solution of choice for sectors handling sensitive information.

Lifi in Cybersecurity

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2.LiFi as an Educational Tool

The implementation of LiFi in education could mean the end of overcrowded and non-functional computer rooms in schools.Indeed, in addition to enhancing cybersecurity, which is often a weak link for WiFi-based internet in schools, Light WiFi offers many benefits that increase the efficiency and reliability of educational institutions.

First, it offers a stable connection without latency, allowing up to 32 students to be connected simultaneously in the same classroom without causing inconsistency in the Internet connection quality.

Second, this stability does not come at the expense of data transmission speed. LiFi offers a high-speed connection equivalent to the best fiber optic, paving the way for the most data-intensive digital educational activities: video streaming, interactive games, collaborative platforms, online exams, MOOCs, etc.

Third, LiFi can be installed in the existing lighting system and does not require any wiring. Its installation is discreet, very space-saving, and provides a cleaner, better-organized workspace conducive to learning.

Lifi in Education

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3.LiFi in the Health Sector

The impact of radiofrequency waves on health has been a growing concern for several years, especially for the most vulnerable populations. Although the Internet today is an indispensable tool in the medical sector, its use should not be at risk of harming the health of those who visit hospitals, retirement homes, medical offices, and nursing homes.

While WiFi relies on the radio part of the electromagnetic spectrum, LiFi uses the optical element and does not emit any radio frequency waves to transmit computer data. For this reason, LiFi is an ideal solution for maintaining optimal connectivity wherever radio waves are not desirable. Eliminating the use of radio frequencies in public spaces and hospitals can help reduce the negative health consequences faced by people who cannot avoid exposure to WiFi signals for long durations of time.

Besides this, LiFi application is also better for busy environments as it is immune from interference, disruptions, or connectivity problems that commonly disturb traditional internet connections.

Li-Fi Internet for Hospitals

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4.LiFi in Aeronautics

Although it is not a significant field of LiFi applications, the aeronautical sector has a lot to gain from this technological revolution. Oledcomm has demonstrated this by equipping a commercial flight with a LiFi solution for the first time in history. The program offers passengers greater comfort and safety while enjoying on-air internet access. They can benefit from a high-speed, latency-free Internet connection during their flight without causing any light pollution. This customized solution works with infrared light and not visible light.

Also, LiFi can be used in aeronautics to further enhance the machine efficiency and speed of aircraft by reducing its weight. Since LiFi is installed using existing lighting systems and does not interfere with other equipment, it can cut the weight of the in-flight entertainment system in half. The result: a drastic reduction in carbon footprint and significant budget savings for airlines.

5G Communication through Lifi

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5.LiFi for Industries and Transportation

LiFi or light internet can improve connectivity in industrial and transportation settings by enabling stable real-time light communication between machines. Not just this, LiFi can be used in dense environments without disrupting the already in-place infrastructure of the system, since it does not require any heavy wiring or installations. Just a simple and lightweight LED system is all it takes to transfer highly secure and accurate data with LiFi.

Timely LiFi communication with high-speed internet can improve the production efficiency of manufacturing facilities, while also reducing system energy consumption and unnecessary clutter. Moreover, it is a highly cost-effective solution when compared to traditional WiFi which has higher installation and functional costs.

In terms of safety and hazard prevention too, LiFi technology is a winner. It eliminates heavy wiring or cables, does not interfere with already present devices or signals, and provides reliable light communication at all times even in denser environments.

6. LiFi for Defense and Disaster Management

LiFi technology can greatly enhance the operational efficiency of critical government departments such as defense and disaster management. The success of these sectors relies on the ability to communicate effectively and share real-time data in the most secure way. The use of WiFi or 4G/5G networks can sometimes hinder progress in high-pressure environments due to slow internet speed, signal interference, or interception during transfer. LiFi is a solution for these situations, as it surpasses traditional internet in most of these domains.

When it comes to LiFi speed, it can literally work at the speed of light. For security, we already know that light signals cannot be intercepted, or tracked from outside the area of infrared coverage. Being easier and quicker to install, LiFi offers a highly effective broadband connection for areas where radio waves are not permitted. This makes LiFi technology ideal for meeting connectivity needs in crisis situations or in the presence of explosive goods.

Lifi in Defence

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Use the Benefits of LiFi to Transform Your Business

It is evident that LiFi is a versatile and highly promising technology that could help a vast range of organizations, businesses, and public spaces. The evolution of LiFi has brought on a new wave of expansion in accessibility and efficiency to internet users. This is why we at Oledcomm are passionate about creating customized solutions that solve real-world operational difficulties using this wonderful technology.

More secure, highly stable, and easy to install- LiFi internet has already proven to be a game changer for countries and institutions that have chosen to use it. This is only the beginning, as more research is constantly being carried out to improve LiFi applications. The benefits of LiFi-based connections are only starting to get explored, so we know there is more to come in this arena for business owners and individual users alike.

If you want to experience the advantages of using light-based internet to meet your own organizational goals, contact us!

LiFi finds applications in various sectors, including:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Education
  • Health
  • Aeronautics
  • Industries and Transportation
  • Defense and Disaster Management
In the medical sector, LiFi is applied to maintain optimal connectivity in environments like hospitals, nursing homes, and medical offices. Its use eliminates the potential health risks associated with radiofrequency waves, providing a safer connectivity solution in places where exposure to WiFi signals for extended durations could be a concern.
LiFi is utilized in the aeronautical sector to provide high-speed, latency-free internet access to passengers during flights. Additionally, LiFi can contribute to reducing the weight of in-flight entertainment systems, resulting in a significant decrease in carbon footprint and cost savings for airlines.
LiFi serves as a cybersecurity solution, particularly in places like law firms, government ministries, and intelligence agencies. Due to its mode of data transmission through light beams, LiFi is considered more secure as signals do not pass through room walls, making it challenging for cybercriminals to hack sensitive information from outside structures.
LiFi is applied in education to enhance connectivity and efficiency in classrooms. It provides a stable, low-latency connection for multiple students simultaneously. LiFi’s high-speed connection supports data-intensive educational activities such as video streaming, interactive games, and online exams. Its installation is discreet and space-saving, contributing to a better-organized learning environment.

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