Oledcomm LiFi Internet : Next-Gen Campus Connectivity for Universities

Explore how Oledcomm's LiFi Internet is enhancing campus connectivity for universities with faster, secure, and reliable next-gen technology.

Light fidelity is a new wireless technology that is taking the world of connectivity to a whole new and improved level. The education sector is an imperative piece of the innovation sector. Learn below why switching from traditional WiFi technology to LiFi will transform the way that universities operate, forever.

Understanding LiFi Internet

Education has historically been the core of human civilization, providing space for curiosity, intellectual development, discovery, and innovation. These are all concepts that describe Oledcomm’s mission to deliver seamless learning through light fidelity and LiFi technology for schools.

LiFi technology is a wireless communication technology that leverages light waves to connect wireless devices to the internet. In an educational setting, this technology ensures secure, reliable, and fast internet access that can handle the traffic of a lecture hall packed with curious minds, for example. The speed of light internet maximizes engagement, and Oledcomm’s modular and customizable system has already been found to be greatly impacting educational settings. Oledcomm’s LiFiMAX product launched and ultimately won a CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Award. Palissy High School becomes the first high school in France equipped with LiFi with our LiFiMAX Education solution, and has benefitted from increased pupil engagement and faster and more reliable data transfer.

LiFi vs VLC

Benefits of LiFi Internet for Universities

Here are some of the top reasons why top universities are considering LiFi powered campuses.

  • Easy Installation

    LiFi is a unique technology that thought of itself within the canon of wireless technology before it ever was rolled out. This means that the technology has been designed for seamless integration into existing light and wireless structures on a campus. With customizable features to suit even the most complex of systems, LiFi is essentially plug-and-play technology of the future, with interoperability and easy integration into past wireless configurations.

  • Speed and Information Agility

    Lightning fast speed means faster data transfer. Surpassing the speeds of traditional radio frequency based wireless communication (WiFi), light fidelity as technology for education can enable the widespread streaming of high definition educational content or downloading massive research files within a 100th of the time it takes for traditional WiFi.

  • Enhanced Security

    Cybersecurity is an ever-growing concern for educational institutions, as sensitive and personal data is concentrated and abundant. Students are a powerful and important demographic, so protecting and securing their work and data is a must when integrating technology in the classroom. LiFi is incredibly secure because it relies on light waves which are unable to penetrate physical barriers. Data can be contained within the room or lecture hall, making it much harder for hackers to intercept. For universities dealing with confidential research and student records, this is an invaluable added layer of security.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Sustainability is not a buzzword. Within the next generation of minds—it's a necessity. The next generation of intellectuals understands that massive change is necessary for sustaining and regenerating life on Earth, and LiFi can help do exactly this. LiFi internet can be implemented by piggybacking on existing LED lighting systems, so successful implementation doesn’t require infrastructural shifts. LEDs are notoriously energy-efficient, and by using them for both lighting and data transmission, schools can cut down on energy consumption.

Real-World Implementation of LiFi Internet in Universities

Universities, as sites of educational development for a range of fields of interest, need a wireless solution that considers the diversity of interests of its users. Universities are going beyond simple technology in the classroom, and imagining connectivity options that serve the diverse and groundbreaking discoveries made by their students. LiFi is a technology that supports the varying sites of development on a college campus, and the real world implementations have chancellors, professors, coaches, and all around educators considering the switch to LiFi systems.

Lecture Halls: We've all experienced the frustration of Wi-Fi interference, especially that of a crowded network. Within lecture halls, there can be high traffic on a network, and LiFi can eliminate this issue because it uses the visible light spectrum. 10,000 times larger than the radio frequency spectrum used by Wi-Fi, students experience less congestion and more reliable connections when following lectures or downloading documents real-time.

Laboratories: Where sensitive data needs to be recorded and stored, LiFi leads in security. Laboratories and research spaces are prime candidates for the benefits of LiFi as they require stable connections for data sets to be recorded and kept safe. As some courses of research can last extended periods of time, a prime and stable wireless connection can ease the mind.

Sports Stadiums and Training Facilities: Maintaining a clear connection for reporting on university sports is critical when seasons are kicking off, and the magnified bandwidth of LiFi will have a dense area of spectators seamlessly posting, promoting and enjoying the events. Training facilities can also benefit from the speed of light internet and data transfer rates, as athletes must maintain quick tracking of fitness, game statistics and HD review sessions downloaded and streamed in the locker rooms.

Customization for University Environments

Light fidelity technology can be customized and outfitted for a manifold of different configurations on university campuses. Oledcomm’s modular LiFi internet system can be rolled out to accommodate vast campus buildings, connect a large number of devices, and interoperate with existing wireless systems.

Each university has unique architectural arrangements and different necessities for internet access. With high network traffic rates due to high enrollment, light fidelity’s wide bandwidth is designed to accommodate this traffic with almost no congestion. Dispersed end points and power over ethernet are customizable features for the most complex of building designs.

In comparison to noise and buzz that can occur from traditional WiFi hardware and interference, LiFi in education is a silent operating system. By leveraging existing LED lighting fixtures in libraries and study areas, or installing Lifi lamps, for example, silent operation is ensured, a feature necessary for studying. Research can be carried out and laboratories can also be outfitted with LiFi with the assurance that information is secure, and non-interceptable.

Student and Faculty Perspectives

“It’s exciting to be a part of the first roll-out of LiFi in a school. It feels like we are a part of the future.” - Max, student at Palissy High School

“LiFi technology in the classroom has enabled a myriad of advancements in the flow of learning. Information is more readily available in all senses, and students benefiting from instant access to resources through light is like magic.” - Ms. Balland, professor and educator

“My daily organizational structure has completely transformed with the implementation of LiFi internet. There is ease in knowing that the records are secure, and sensitive personal information pertaining to students is protected.” - Student Reception, Palissy High School


LiFi isn't just a fancy new gadget; it's a transformative technology that promises to revolutionize how we connect and learn. By providing faster speeds, enhanced security, minimized interference, energy efficiency, and a host of other benefits, LiFi is perfectly suited for the educational sector.

Integrating LiFi technology in the classroom will pave the way for a brighter, more connected future. Imagine your classrooms buzzing with the possibilities generated by a new, innovative, and seamless technology— It's LiFi.

Ready to make the switch? Schedule a free demo and we’re sure your students (and your marking process) will thank you later!

LiFi internet leverages light beams to carry wireless connectivity from an access point to a LiFi enabled device. It is secure, fast, and interference-free, enabling the education sector greater access to information, higher downloading and streaming speeds, and more opportunities for discovery. 

Imagine an entire lecture hall of students connected to the same network. The professor sends a link to download a dense packet of information for the course, and each student is able to access the data within the blink of an eye. Congestion is a thing of the past with LiFi technology.

LiFi is an easily accessible and widely dispersible technology, allowing students rapid access to learning resources, increased concentration due to lack of noisy hardware in libraries and quiet spaces, and secure information channels unthreatened by electromagnetic interference or interception.

Students and educators alike benefit from an uncongested network, and can send and receive information quickly and securely. From HD streaming of educational materials and security of documents, research, and records, LiFi enables a whole new host of innovative connectivity options for educational spaces. 

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