Exploring Oledcomm's Custom LiFi Solutions

Explore Oledcomm's custom LiFi solutions for improved wireless connectivity & efficiency. Harness the power of LiFi technology for seamless wireless connections

Oledcomm’s modular LiFi solutions are here to support industries in every walk of life. Reliable connectivity in a globalizing world is becoming increasingly necessary. LiFi’s groundbreaking technology can be implemented securely while leveraging existing wireless systems. Below, explore how Oledcomm’s new customizable technology is manifesting itself in a variety of industries.

Understanding Custom LiFi Solutions

A unique alternative to traditional Wi-Fi, custom LiFi solutions are tailored systems that utilize light to transmit data, offering an innovative change to the wireless technology game. LiFi internet operates by leveraging visible light produced by LED bulbs. What is both an effective choice for the environment, as well as for wireless security, these custom wireless network solutions provide high-speed and secure connectivity free of electromagnetic interference. LiFi systems are customizable and modular, so they can be specifically designed to meet the unique needs of different environments and industries.

Enhancing security in spaces where data security is paramount, like in healthcare, military, or government settings, is at the core of Oledcomm’s products and LiFi technology. Light waves carrying information are inherently unable to penetrate physical barriers, so signal interception in LiFi settings is nearly impossible. Custom LiFi solutions can also address specific challenges and improve overall operational efficiency, and in industrial (or even educational) settings where automated communication or technological automation relies on a stable connection, LiFi internet can deliver an uncongested signal. Ticking boxes like reduced network congestion, energy efficiency, and enhanced data security, custom LiFi solutions represent the next frontier in wireless connectivity technology.

Advantages of Custom LiFi Solutions

Speed and Bandwidth: LiFi technology delivers multiple Mbps speeds in equipped devices, and utilizes the spectrum of light, revealing an unprecedented bandwidth.

High-Grade Security: Light waves are a transmission option that can be contained within a physical space, and Oledcomm’s LiFi solutions offer additional security measures including localisation for tracking of assets and user authentication.

No Congestion: Light fidelity doesn’t suffer from the same congestion and delaying effects of an overloaded network or multiple user degradation as that of a standard WiFi or other radio frequency based technologies.

Reliability: Another one of the benefits of LiFi is that it ensures interference-free communication and approximately 1000 times the bandwidth for data density, prioritizing user experience.

Low Latency: With a reduced latency factor of almost threefold in comparison to traditional WiFi, LiFi internet can greatly increase fluid connectivity for innovations and applications like VR and AR.

Interference-Free: Radio frequency based wireless communication is susceptible to interference from a variety of devices such as microwaves, mobile phones, and even other WiFi networks in close proximity. Oledcomm’s light fidelity technology avoids these interferences entirely.

LiFi Applications Across Industries

The versatility of LiFi technology is booming, and with it comes a wide range of applications across a manifold of industries. Its most significant enhancements affect internal operations and provide innovative solutions to connectivity challenges faced by the following industries:

  • Healthcare

    In healthcare settings, reliable and secure communication is paramount when making life impacting decisions for patients. LiFi can be used to transmit patient data swiftly and securely, ensuring that medical professionals have the real-time access to necessary critical information. Additionally, since LiFi does not emit radio frequency waves that may interfere with medical equipment, ultimately providing a safer alternative to Wi-Fi.

LiFi vs VLC
  • Education

    Educational institutions found leveraging LiFi technology have created some of the leading interactive and high-tech learning environments. Classrooms equipped with LiFi can support high-speed internet access for students and teachers, enabling seamless streaming of educational content and facilitating collaborative projects without the lag associated with congested Wi-Fi networks.

  • Industrial Automation

    In manufacturing and industrial settings, wireless connectivity provided by LiFi has been found to support the seamless operation of automated systems and machinery. With its high-speed, low-latency capabilities, LiFi ensures rapid communication between devices.

  • Retail

    In the retail sector, LiFi can enhance the shopping experience by enabling faster and more secure transactions. Stores that use LiFi to provide customers with instant access to product information, special offers, and personalized recommendations through their smartphones are able to facilitate more .

  • Transportation

    LiFi solutions can revolutionize the transportation sector by providing high-speed and contained internet connectivity on airplanes, trains, and buses. Passengers gain access to uninterrupted LiFi internet, providing a more productive and enjoyable travel experience. Additionally, LiFi can be used for vehicle-to-vehicle communication, improving traffic management, increasing safety standards.

Case Studies: Successful Implementations

LiFi technology has already been recognized in real-world use cases, and here at Oledcomm, we are pleased to report that its effects have been critical and very well received. The future of LiFi solutions is here:

  • Oledcomm’s Wireless Technology (that’s us!) and French Hospitals

    We here at Oledcomm have pioneered over a decade of R&D in LiFi technology, and we have partnered with several French hospitals to implement LiFi solutions. In these hospitals, LiFi has been providing secure and reliable internet access for patients and staff, and has improved the efficiency of medical data transmission by offering high-speed internet access without electromagnetic interference. Patients have benefitted from lightning fast data transmission in order to receive the most applicable care in rapid, sometimes life-saving, time.

  • Oledcomm’s LiFi Solutions in Education

    Oledcomm installed a LiFi system in the Chantefleur nursery school in L'Isle-Adam, France. The school became the first kindergarten in the Paris region to be equipped with this technology. The Chantefleur nursery school decided to take the plunge and equip its classrooms with a LiFi installation because this technology is an ultra-efficient, healthy, reliable and regulatory alternative to traditional technologies.

  • Oledcomm Revolutionizing Communication in Space

    For over two years, Oledcomm has been working on this wireless communication solution tailored to the space sector. SatelLife's ambition was to replace in-satellite or in-launcher cables, which are often heavy and cumbersome. Oledcomm achieved a significant milestone by equipping the INSPIRE-SAT 7 nanosatellite, launched on April 15th into low orbit, with LiFi (Light Fidelity) technology.


It’s no wonder that LiFi technology has emerged as a frontrunner in wireless communications technology over the past years. With its widely applicable and dispersible connectivity capabilities, a vast number of industries are able to see and benefit from its uninterrupted, clear, and fast signal. From education and healthcare to military and government operations, LiFi solutions have been found to be the environmentally conscious choice to enhance humanitarian conditions in the ever-expanding need for rapid information transmission in an ever-expanding, global society.

Oledcomm has been a pioneer in the field of LiFi technology and can create customized LiFi solutions for the unique needs of your organization. Get in touch with us to schedule a free demo!

Depending on the sector and the environment, custom LiFi solutions are built for fast and secure connectivity to the internet. More information on Oledcomm’s modular solutions can be found here

Oledcomm’s LiFi technology can be customized for educational and health related sectors, for example. These solutions use light to transmit data, creating secure connections between a wireless router and connection receiving devices, thus minimizing interference and enhancing security.

LiFi solutions provide high speed connectivity, energy efficient data transfer, interference free communication, and an increased bandwidth that can sustain these benefits for a greater capacity of devices.

LiFi leverages light frequencies to transmit data from a wireless access point to a receiver implemented on a device. Light cannot penetrate physical barriers, such as walls, so the connection, when contained in a room, is guaranteed secure. Unlike radio frequencies used by traditional WiFi technology, LiFi solutions ensure a connection that cannot be intercepted, thus remaining uninterrupted. 

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