Exploring LiFiMAX: The Next Evolution in Wireless Communication


Welcome to the world of LiFiMAX®, a comprehensive, fast, safe, and secure technology that is leading the wireless space. Oledcomm proudly presents its champion, LiFiMAX®, after years of dedicated R&D. Read on to find out why this technology is the next evolution in wireless communication.

Role of LiFi in Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity has been a changing and increasingly important landscape as the world becomes more interconnected. Wireless connectivity has allowed for us to achieve communication tendencies that before were unimaginable. Oledcomm is a company that has developed a form of wireless internet connection that has surpassed the traditional forms of wireless technologies, like WiFi. The technology is called Li-Fi, or light fidelity technology, which operates on the visible light spectrum rather than the radio frequencies of traditional WiFi. It has taken the challenges and insufficiencies in the wireless internet connection provided by WiFi and conveniently solved them. Difficulties ranging from dropped connections to insecure connections, low connectivity speeds to security concerns, and mitigating health risks associated with electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic interference.

What is LiFiMAX® ?

Oledcomm has developed a comprehensive LiFi internet solution in the form of LiFiMAX®, a suite of technology designed for lightning fast connectivity, peak security, and interoperability in existing wireless systems. Composed of modular components, this system can upscale the wireless effectivity in any home, office, or locations that previously seemed impossible. Wireless communication can now be experienced underwater, in space, and in extremely remote landscapes thanks to LiFi technology. It is a technology that uses the visible light spectrum to beam connectivity from a wireless access point to specific delivery points. 33 patents and 15 years of R&D experience from Oledcomm’s LiFiMAX® suite benefits aerospace, defense, cybersecurity, healthcare, and industrial sectors alike, offering greater security and mobility to a wireless landscape that was previously limited.

Features of LiFiMAX®

The LiFiMAX® wireless system is a modular optical wireless communication suite that ensures a wide range of unrivaled features for advanced wireless communications. With the LiFiMAX® suite, users can benefit from a personalizable, accessible, and dispersible wireless solution:

  • Wide Server Bandwidth: Up to 16 devices can simultaneously connect to the LiFiMAX® wireless access point

  • Plug-and-Play: Simply plug the LiFiMAX® dongle into a wireless device and immediately benefit from lightning fast connectivity. No additional drivers required.

  • Certified Resistance to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): High safety standards and strategies to mitigate EMI and eliminate health risks.

Advantages of LiFiMAX® over Traditional Wireless Communication

Wireless communication enabled by light fidelity has many benefits over traditional wireless connectivity technologies. Some of these advantages include:/p>

  • Energy Efficiency: Users can benefit from up to 50% energy savings compared to WiFi technology. WiFi requires energy-intensive electronic devices that constantly utilize power, whereas LiFi benefits from the energy efficiency of the LED bulbs that are used to operate the system. This can lead to immense savings in regards to electricity bills.

  • Fast and Stable Connectivity: Since the spectrum of visible light is 10,000 times wider than the radio wave spectrum, the volume of data transported in a given time via LiFi can be much greater than via WiFi.

  • Absolute Security: Data partitioning with LiFi means that the signals emitted by a LiFi system cannot be intercepted, unlike the radio frequencies that WiFi operates on. The signals are confined to the room that they originate from because the light waves that the data is carried on cannot penetrate walls, ensuring the absolute security of potentially sensitive data transmissions.

Applications of LiFiMAX®

Here at Oledcomm, a pioneer in LiFi, we have developed the LiFiMAX® solution. This system consists of a transmitter device integrated into the LED bulb, called Access Point, repeaters (Photonic Antennas) and a receiver device that connects to the wireless device sending and receiving signals. The plug-and-play device is a LiFi Dongle, which allows users to seamlessly integrate into the wireless system without the need for additional software or drivers. Applications of this technology are vast. LiFi technology can be employed in a variety of scenarios that were previously limited, as a LiFi connection can be dispersed for underwater research, space exploration, and extremely remote environments requiring fast, reliable internet connection.

Explore LiFiMAX® Products

LiFiMAX® Compact - Oledcomm’s second generation LiFi system, LiFiMAX® Compact was announced in 2019 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) by Benjamin Azoulay, President of Oledcomm. He reported that the development and implementation of the LiFiMAX® Compact system is the result of more than 10 years of research. Following the successful release of the MyLiFi desk lamp, a lamp that projected Li-Fi signal to receiving devices with the flip of a switch, Oledcomm developed a solution for a more extended professional reach with LiFiMAX®.

LiFiMAX® Tablet - LiFi Tablet with natively integrated LiFi system


LiFiMAX® Access Point - The central device facilitating wireless devices’ connection to a wired network, enabling Internet access without the need for physical cables.

LiFiMAX® Dongle - An “endpoint” that plugs into devices, allowing them to access a LiFi connection. Each endpoint can communicate with the LiFiMAX® Photonic Antenna to establish access to LiFi signals.


LiFiMAX® Photonic Antenna - A redirecting device that connects to the Access Point to help disperse the connection so user devices can access the LiFi network. A single AP can be connected with a maximum of 6 Photonic Antennas through specific RJ45 cables.


Future of LiFi Technology with LiFiMAX®

Cybersecurity is at the heart of LiFi technology’s value systems, which is why LiFi will continue to grow in its applications as the future of connectivity continues to roll out. LiFiMAX® is Oledcomm’s champion LiFi kit that is making exceptional waves in the LiFi technology space. This lightning fast internet technology produces connectivity through non-visible light and is radio wave free. With a transfer speed of up to 150Mbps per seconds, it allows up to 16 users to experience the same streamlined connection within moments after plug-and-play installation, which is the accessibility of a technology that will continue to make waves into the future.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the LiFi Internet options for your home, office, or imaginative space. Welcome to the future of wireless connectivity.

Light fidelity, or LiFi, is a wireless technology that uses visible light communication (VLC) to establish a connection between a transmitter and receiver, and offers the most secure, fast, and stable wireless connection on the market to date.

The components of the LiFiMAX® Suite include – LiFiMAX® Tablet, Wireless Access Point, Photonic Antenna, Dongle, mounting kit, and cables.

LiFi internet is an innovation in wireless connectivity that uses light beams to carry information. In real time, its rapid flashes transmit connection to devices that are outfitted with a receiving endpoint.

The cost of LiFiMAX® largely depends on the environment being outfitted. A standard quote for a starter pack is between 990€ and 3500€

Light fidelity technology does not operate on the radio wave spectrum, like classic WiFi technology, which means that electromagnetic interference and radiation barely occurs in light fidelity procedures. 

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