LiFi : Oledcomm, winner of the "Next Space" program by France Relance

On December 17, 2021, the 'Next Space: La Relance' showcased new French space policy directions funded by France Relance, one year into the program launch.

Oledcomm, lauréate du programme “Next Space”

On this occasion, CNES launched a call for projects for the demonstration or validation in flight of payloads or equipment for nanosatellites, to which some 20 companies responded. Three of the applications submitted were selected for funding under the France Relance plan. Among these new winners, Oledcomm, a pioneer in LiFi, will have the opportunity to use its technology for progress in the space sector.

The LiFi project, or when Oledcomm reinvents the internet in space

LiFi, a wireless light communication technology, is poised to revolutionize connectivity and is not limited to the ground. Already applied to the education, transportation, and aeronautics sectors, LiFi has all the makings of becoming indispensable to the booming space sector.

This technology, based on LED light, offers ultra-fast, reliable connectivity and operates without electromagnetic waves. This last point is a major breakthrough for the aerospace industry, as it eliminates the problem of interference between Internet equipment and other onboard electronic devices.

But that's not all. The LiFi installation, because it does not require an anti-interference sheath, is much lighter than a WiFi installation and would significantly reduce the load of spacecraft. A decisive factor when we know the impact of weight on the performance and costs of such a device.

One thing is sure, the application of LiFi in space will soon be a reality. It is with great pride that Oledcomm is getting ready to realize this project which will contribute to maintaining France in the rank of the great space nations.

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