Don't Settle for Slow: Discover the Power of Oledcomm's LiFi Dongle!

Upgrade your connectivity with Oledcomm's LiFi Dongle. Say goodbye to sluggish connections and experience lightning-fast internet speed like never before

Are you tired of experiencing sluggish internet connections in your homes and workplaces? Is your trusty WiFi lagging unexpectedly and disrupting your video calls? Do you sometimes worry about the security of your internet connection? If you can say yes to these questions, it’s time for you to try the LiFi internet for better connection stability, and enhanced network privacy. LiFi internet can save you from the hassles of over-reliance on traditional internet with the help of new and innovative light communication technology.

To meet the needs of modern-day users, the new LiFiMAX dongle offers LiFi connectivity over a wide range of compatible devices. This means that people connected to LiFi networks no longer require special gadgets to access the light internet. The LiFiMAX dongle can be plugged into their usual devices to establish a secure and reliable connection with nearby access points.

How does the LiFi dongle work? And what are the specifications that make the LiFiMAX dongle’s compatibility so special in the LiFi market? Read this article to learn about the unique features and use cases of the new LiFiMAX dongle.

Features of Oledcomm's LiFi Dongle

The LiFiMAX Dongle can attach to a LiFi-enabled device and facilitate its connectivity with a LiFi network. Once the Dongle is connected to a device and placed within the coverage area of a Photonic Antenna (which is linked to a central access point), a device becomes receptive to data transmitted through LiFi signals and enjoys a secure connection.

Some key features that define the Oledcomm LiFiMAX Dongle are as follows:

  • The Dongle is built for simplicity with 74 x 28 x 15 mm dimensions and weights only 40g. It uses a half-duplex transmission mode and is compatible with USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 interfaces.
  • It is compatible with Windows (7 and above), MacOS, Linux for computers, and Android for smartphones and tablets with a USB-C connector. It is also compatible with iPad Pro and all latest iPads equipped with a USB-C port.
  • It adheres to the ITU-T G-9991 LiFi communication standard.
  • It is certified with EC marking including RoHS, IEC/EN 61000 (EMC) and IEC/EN 62471 (eye safety) standards, IEC 60825-1, and IEC 60825-12.
  • It offers 215 Mbps download and upload speeds, with a 90° opening angle.
  • A maximum of 16 receivers can be connected simultaneously to the same Access point.

Elevate your Internet Experience with LiFiMAX Dongle

The LiFiMAX Dongle makes connecting to a LiFi network a seamless user experience. Its exceptional compatibility makes it easy for various devices to connect with a LiFi network. Here are some key ways in which using a USB Dongle can improve your internet experience:

  • Photobiological Safety

    The LiFiMAX Dongle complies with EC marking certifications, making it completely safe from a photobiological perspective. They adhere to the IEC/EN 62471 standard for photobiological safety, meaning the dongle is class 0 on the photobiological danger scale. It is also fitted with an automatic optical signal cut-off mechanism that comes into action whenever the Dongle link is broken.

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility

    The LiFiMAX Dongle follows the IEC/EN 61000 standard for electromagnetic compatibility, meaning that it does not face any interference from other devices in its surroundings. Since the Dongle helps LiFi-enabled devices connect with light signals emitted by an access point, other electromagnetic radiation emitted by nearby devices cannot hinder its connectivity.

  • No Interference from Natural Light

    The wavelength used for LiFi communication is close to the infrared/invisible spectrum. This spectrum is inherently immune to interference from natural light, rendering it reliable stability in ambient light. Oledcomm LiFi devices are also protected from other light radiation by a powerful optical filtering system, making them almost insensitive to interference from natural and artificial lights in their environment.

  • Protective Dongle Cover

    The LiFiMAX Dongles are delivered in a protective dongle case that reduces their risk of being damaged, forgotten, or lost. This offers them an added layer of safety, which maintains the dongle quality even after long hours of usage. Additionally, the protective case makes LiFiMAX Dongle travel-friendly for users.

Applications and Use Cases

LiFiMAX dongle can improve the adaptation of LiFi internet into modern businesses and households that were previously dependent on traditional networks. Here are some areas where the use of LiFi dongles can have a significant impact:


The LiFiMAX ethernet dongle can come in handy for providing mobile internet connections at military and defense posts. As defense operations are highly reliant on real-time communication in high-risk or volatile environments, a wireless dongle can facilitate secure and stable connectivity which is easier to deploy in remote locations. Since most traditional networks rely on laying heavy wiring apparatus before being functional, installing them at military posts can be a costly and time-consuming affair. A LiFi dongle solves this problem by providing portable wireless internet that can support reliable communication in the defense sector.

Health Sector

LiFi technology can be used to provide interference-free internet connection in hospital corridors, waiting rooms, and operation theatres. A key benefit of using USB dongles to provide LiFi connections is their ability to remain immune to electromagnetic radiation from devices and machines near them. As a result, a wireless internet adapter can function smoothly alongside patient-care machinery with the help of light frequency signals from LiFi access points. Besides, since the LiFiMAX dongle comes with zero photobiological risks, it is completely safe for long-term use around vulnerable populations.


LiFi can be integrated with existing workspaces with the help of LiFi dongles that easily connect to computers and tablets used by employees. LiFi dongles can improve network precision by controlling which devices can access a particular LiFi connection, leading to improved security and privacy of departmental databases. Further, LiFi technology can easily function alongside existing lighting infrastructure without facing any electromagnetic interference from ambient lighting. As wireless dongles become a part of office spaces, we can expect speed-of-light internet connections which improve day-to-day networking operations among workers.


The deployment of light-fidelity internet in educational institutions could lead to better productivity and learning outcomes for students. With lower latency and higher bandwidth of data transmission, LiFi dongles can significantly improve the quality of communication in schools, university campuses, and training centers. This would allow students to access high-definition video lectures, online classes, and other learning material over the Internet without worrying about connection lags or security hassles. As LiFi connections are safer than radio-frequency-based internet, LiFiMAX dongles will also enhance the privacy and data integrity of educational networks.


LiFi internet can help improve connectivity and real-time communication on smart roads, leading to enhanced transport infrastructure around the globe. LiFi technology in modern transportation can establish better navigation facilities for smart vehicles and self-driving cars. Besides, LiFi dongles can offer a high-bandwidth internet connection to passengers so that they can stay connected with their families, or stream online content for entertainment on their journeys. As LiFi enables fast and secure data transfer between vehicles, it can be employed to improve traffic management and road safety over time. Furthermore, LiFi dongles can also provide a lightweight solution for in-flight communication within the aviation industry.

Future with LiFi Dongle

LiFi dongles are set to usher in a future of faster, more secure, and highly reliable connectivity for users. As LiFi technology grows in popularity, ethernet dongles will play an important role in the integration of light communication with pre-existing infrastructure. The versatile nature of LiFiMAX dongles can help in smoothening the adaptation of portable wireless internet into our daily lives and businesses.

As LiFi dongles become a common part of communication infrastructure, we can expect a steady shift from over-reliance on radio waves. LiFi utilizes light waves to transmit data, resulting in better stability and security when compared with traditional WiFi. Since WiFi signals are notorious for their susceptibility to interference and lags, LiFi technology can provide a better-quality substitute for the traditional internet. As a result, individuals using LiFi dongles can experience interference-free connectivity even when there is a dense network of electromagnetic signals in the atmosphere.

Moreover, the higher bandwidth and low latency offered by LiFi technology can support rapid data transfer across a network. This feature makes LiFi dongles an invaluable asset for operations that require precise real-time communication and correspondence between different departments. Sectors such as defense, disaster management, healthcare, and finance can greatly benefit from making LiFi a part of their communication infrastructure.

LiFi dongles are also ideal for industries that require reliable communication in remote locations and volatile terrains. Aerospace and underwater navigation are some sectors that have employed LiFi technology to achieve sustainable and secure connectivity across time. Apart from these, LiFi dongles can also provide dependable wireless home internet for activities such as VR gaming, video streaming, and personal voice calling.

Finally, the most important factor that makes LiFi a winner among other wireless networks is its ability to be environmentally friendly. Compared to traditional WiFi, LiFi uses LED bulbs, simple access points, and receivers to deploy a well-functioning network. So, we do not have to worry about generating harmful electronic waste while using LiFi-based communication systems.

Say Goodbye to Slow Connections with the LiFiMAX Dongle

The LiFiMAX dongle is heralding a new era of seamless LiFi connectivity across multiple devices. With its lightweight, yet sturdy build, we can expect a higher rate of LiFi adoption among users looking for a secure way to access LiFi internet on the go. Oledcomm has paid special attention to designing a versatile ethernet dongle that is compatible with most modern devices and operating systems. This will result in easier accessibility and subsequent democratization of LiFi in the coming future.

If you want to experience the power of LiFi technology in your own life, contact Oledcomm now!

LiFi utilizes light waves emitted by LED bulbs or other sources to transmit data. These light signals are modulated to carry information and received by photodetectors in LiFi-enabled devices. Once received, the data is processed, allowing users to access the internet or communicate over a network. LiFi offers advantages such as higher security and potentially faster data transfer rates compared to traditional WiFi.

The LiFiMAX Dongle stands out due to its compact design, compatibility with various devices, USB compatibility, half-duplex transmission mode, adherence to LiFi communication standards, certifications ensuring safety and compliance, high-speed capabilities, and support for multiple connections to the same Access Point (AP).

The LiFiMAX Dongle complies with EC marking certifications, ensuring safety from a photobiological perspective. It adheres to the IEC/EN 62471 standard for photobiological safety, classifying it as class 0 on the photobiological danger scale. Additionally, it features an automatic optical signal cut-off mechanism that activates when the Dongle link is broken, further enhancing safety.

The LiFiMAX Dongle has diverse applications, including defense for providing secure and stable mobile internet connections, healthcare for interference-free internet in medical environments, workplaces for improved network precision and security, education for better productivity and learning outcomes, and transportation for enhanced connectivity and real-time communication in smart vehicles.

LiFi technology uses LED bulbs, simple access points, and receivers, reducing electronic waste compared to traditional WiFi. This environmentally friendly approach makes LiFi a more sustainable choice for communication systems, contributing to efforts to minimize environmental impact while providing fast and secure internet connectivity.

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